SoHo Places is a Flexible, Quiet and Affordable Co-working
Co-thinking Space to Work and Meet




We are a team of passionate people who deeply care about personal freedom and creation. We work to empower freelancers and build strong local communities. 

Similar to renting a zipcar, you reserve a seat and table and pay by the hour. But don't take OUR word for it, Try it for yourself. your first two hours are free.

Quiet & Timed Reserved Seating.

SoHo Connect.

Coffee, Tea & WiFi Pro.

Affordable & Flexible: $6/hour, DailyPass $24, FlexPass 5/20/40hours, and our Freelancer Early Adopter Membership.




“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”

— Oscar Wilde

More than just a place to meet.


Freelancing is a Lifestyle for a New Generation. 

➔By 2020, 40% of American workers will be freelancers. The on-demand economy will more than double in size, increasing from 30 million on-demand employees to a workforce of 60 million strong.




Because silent brings focus

A quiet, private, and aesthetically pleasing space.

Timed Reserved Seat


Timed meetings to prevent overruns and unleash creation.

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the real value of being on-site

After validating their identity using BlockChain technology, people can share their profile and see who’s in SoHo in real time to send Mayday messages to their local community, search local experts, and get matched with liked-minded people.

Complimentary Coffee & WiFi Pro

The Good Stuff. Not burned coffee.

Complimentary, high quality coffees and teas. Great reliable WiFi.