Freelancer Q&A Series: DIY Photography and Branding with Nefeli Soteriou



Committed to the arts at a very young age, Nefeli Soteriou played mandolin in a children’s choir throughout elementary school in Limassol, Cyprus where she grew up and attended an arts high school studying Applied Graphic Arts and Interior Design. This is where Nefeli discovered the darkroom and was hooked.

She went on to earn her undergraduate degree in Photography from Athens University of Applied Arts, and then went to the US to pursue a MFA in Photography at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, eventually transferring to Temple University in Philadelphia where she earned an M.F.A in Film and Media Arts.

Now a licensed life coach in New York State she helps her clients enhance their creativity and wellness.

Nefeli has presented engaging and transformative workshops at SoHo Places. We spoke with her about her work.

SoHo Places: Should the photographs used by a company be aspirational images of who their clients want to be, or more closely aligned with who the clients are?

Nefeli: Thats a great question. The photography should be reflective of what the service outcome would be. However never create illusions, keep it real and close to your values, mission and vision of your company.

SoHo: What impact do you think social channels like Instagram are having on our perception of what photography for companies should look like, and achieve.

Nefeli:  With a social channel like Instagram, there is authentic photography created by hobbyists. The trend with social channels like Instagram is encouraging to anyone who wants to take charge of their photographic skills and represent their brand out in the world, and it is free of cost. If you are concerned about owning your copyright after submitting to Instagram, double check the language around that.

SoHo: Are there examples of brands that you feel achieve a great deal with photography, and why?

Nefeli: There is a lot of buzz around authenticity in photography lately and start-up companies that match photographers to corporations that look for that content. What I believe is achieved here is a fair use of the medium, something impossible to happen at the time of great photographers. Annie Leibovitz for example and her unique dance photography creations. It is a new way of creating photography, the quality of the camera is good enough for anyone to create good pictures.

SoHo Reading List: Are there any publications you read on a regular basis, or books, that you recommend about your field of expertise?

For photography and video technical issues, I visit Adorama or B&H. These two stores organize free workshops and online resources.

Additionally, I frequently visit galleries and museums and check other artists' work, and share my experiences on my blog.