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A Comprehensive SEO Workshop to Boost your Website Traffic - Session #2

Topic covered: On-page and Technical

Description/Goals: We will examine what causes websites to rank well and what you need to do on the front-end and the back-end to give your site the best chance to rank high in search engines.

Attending this session will give you:

  • The top SEO-related items you need to be covered for your website

  • How to craft your content so it is SEO-friendly

  • Recommendations for SEO Copywriting - writing that keeps users engaged

  • Fundamentals on what content performs well and the major ranking factors

  • A recommended toolset to perform comprehensive on-page and technical SEO

During the session, we’ll have individual and group exercises such as:

  • Analyze an article of a workshop participant in real-time to uncover strengths, weakness, and opportunities

  • Go through PageSpeed Tools for websites of participants

  • Perform an SEO-audit of a participant’s site to understand important technical SEO factors that may be affecting their ranking