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Hack your body and home for your next baby

  • SoHo Places 435 Broome Street New York, NY, 10013 United States (map)

SoHo Places is proud to host Xandara, a go-to fertility resource to naturally increase a couple's chances of having an exceptional child, for their signature information session: How to hack your body and home for your best baby.

Tickets are limited and only available for purchase until 4/27, so be sure to snatch yours up today.

Event Overview

Parents are always looking to give their children a leg up in life, an extra boost, an advantage.

What if we told you that you could give your child an unfair advantage starting before you even get pregnant?

You can. How you live today can affect your child's propensity for not only health, but intellect, disposition and even capacity for growth.

We used to think that our genes were our destiny. But, that myth was debunked with the sequencing of the human genome in 2003. We now know that our genes are only one part of the story - about 25% of the story. The remaining ~75% of the story is about the environment that our genes are exposed to on a daily basis.

The new science of epigenetics (i.e. the environmental impact on genes) has expanded our understanding of just how characteristics are "inherited" from one generation to the next. Yes, certain genes are passed from parent to child; but beyond this, parents also pass "epigenetic" markers to their children. These epigenetic markers, or tags, are the result of environmental exposures, such as stress, smoking, meditating and exercising. Since genes take a very long time to change, these epigenetic markers are evolution's way of responding more quickly to the world around it.

Because of this, we have much more control over our health and the health of our children than we ever understood before. "Designer babies" start at home, not in the lab. How you live - how you eat, move, connect, work, play - affects your epigenetic expression. And, it's this expression that gets passed onto your future children in the form of sperm and egg DNA.

Given this, it's important to start planning for pregnancy far in advance of getting pregnant. Just like you plan for your wedding or your career, pregnancy requires advanced planning.

By planning ahead, not only can you minimize the probability of experiencing the epidemics of infertility and chronic childhood disease that are currently rampant, but you can set the foundation for your child to be absolutely exceptional...before they're even a twinkle in your eye.

Think this sounds too good to be true? It's not...but it certainly isn't well understood or widely discussed. Come join us to find out exactly how it works...and how you can set yourself and your future baby up for a spectacular life.


Alexandria DeVito, MS, CNS, is a functional nutritionist, who focuses on women’s health and fertility. She holds dual master's degrees - a Master of Science in Human Nutrition from University of Bridgeport and a Master in Business Administration from Harvard Business School. She also hold certifications as a registered yoga teacher, certified personal trainer and Eating Psychology Coach. Before becoming a nutritionist, Alexandria spent a decade in the corporate world as a management consultant and investment banker.

Dr. Sarah Rahal, MD, is a double board-certified pediatric neurologist who has dedicated her career to the care of children with neurological diseases. She completed her medical doctorate at New York Medical College and then her training at Columbia University Medical Center in Manhattan. She has spent her practice in the busy academic medical centers of NY. Dr. Rahal has training in functional medicine, as well as a certification in medical acupuncture. She sits on the board of the National Headache Foundation and is a member of the American Academy of Neurology and the Child Neurology Society.

Ms. DeVito and Dr. Rahal are the co-founders of Xandara, a go-to fertility resource for women and couples to naturally increase their chances of having an exceptional child, all beginning prior to pregnancy.