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A Comprehensive SEO Workshop to Boost your Website Traffic - Session #3

Topic covered: Content Promotion, Link-building, and Tracking Results

Description/Goals: After you have an optimized site and SEO-friendly content, you need to get the word out for link-building and track results to see what worked and what can be improved.

Attending this session will give you:

  • The fundamentals of content outreach and influencer marketing and why it’s so important

  • How to do backlink analysis to check who is linking to your articles

  • How to find opportunities for link-building

  • Tracking results of user experience and rank position

During the session, we’ll have individual and group exercises such as:

  • Check backlinks of an attendee’s site (or other sites of interest) to get a sense of what sites are fans of your content

  • Go through some tactics to find backlink opportunities for a workshop attendee

  • Run through rank-tracking tools, backlink checkers and web analytics tools to show exactly how to measure progress