Xpert Freelancers Program at SoHo Places

Being a freelancer is hard and at SoHo Places, we're here to help. We have Xperts-in-house who will sit down with you for free to discuss your business and help you grow and solve your problems. Contact us for a 30 minutes one-on-one consultation.

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Jess Liu, Startup Advisor

Jess Liu is a private equity investor at the Cathay Capital Group, where she reviews and selects business plans, conducts due diligence, structures investments and, post-investment, works with companies on a variety of operational and strategic issues. Previously, she led the strategy department at Women’s World Banking, a microfinance institution in Ghana. She cut her teeth on Wall Street, working as an investment banking analyst at JPMorgan in New York. Jess is passionate about sustainable food, herbal medicine and social business. 

She helped select investments for Foodshed Investors NYC, an angel investor network investing in local sustainable food businesses. She also advised social businesses and nonprofits in India and Tibet. 

In the past, she worked on organic farms, trained in herbal medicine, permaculture and biodynamic farming, and built her own guitar. Jess received an MBA from Yale School of Management and a Bachelor’s degree from Mount Holyoke College.



Stephen Stanczak is the founder and CEO of Ondyr Marketing, a technical marketing firm. Stephen’s digital marketer skills focus on the technical aspects of marketing such as SEO, Analytics, and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization). He has over 10 years of marketing experience including work on campaigns both for small and large companies, such as GE and Microsoft. He also runs the MarTech Wiz blog and the MarTech NYC meetup. Stephen has an MBA from Cornell in marketing strategy. 

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Susanne has a MA in organizational development & leadership from Columbia University, New York, a BA in psychology from Marymount Manhattan College, New York, a business degree from Switzerland and an executive coaching certificate from Columbia University, New York. In her spare time, she is a certified running coach, active as an athlete in triathlon races, marathon distance running, yoga and hiking. She climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro completed the full Ironman distance in Lake Placid, NY (2,4 m swim, 112 m bike, 26,2 m run) and many marathon distance races globally. She has traveled to 50+ countries and speaks 5+ languages. Susanne is a weekly blogger and a published author: “Take it from the Iron Women, global business coaching using sports parallels (2017).


Elizabeth Dembrowsky, Legal Counsel

Elizabeth David Dembrowsky, legal counsel educates, empowers, and ensures the legal and financial security of nonprofits and social entrepreneurs.
Don’t expose your important socially driven work to legal and financial risks.

Elizabeth helps entrepreneur discover and set-up the legal structures that fit best with their emerging venture and that will protect their safety and interests in the future. Elizabeth is admitted to practice in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, California, and Florida.



Jules Desiree is a certified Life Coach from Life Purpose Institute and has a Master of Arts degree with a concentration in Transformative Language Arts from Goddard College. Her combined education allows for a well-rounded approach to working with clients, addressing various aspects of life. Desiree's specialties include assisting clients in goal achievement when many interests cause inner conflict as well as working through blocks associated with temperament and vulnerability.


Gabriel Shalom is a video director, producer, serial entrepreneur, and the CEO of Betabook – a portable whiteboard in the form of a notebook which he launched on Kickstarter in 2015 thanks to over 1,600 backers for over $91,000 – 600% of the campaign’s goal of $15,000. Gabriel has consulted on successful crowdfunding campaigns for a children’s educational website platform, an independent musician, and a brick and mortar gaming shop and has over 12 years' experience producing and/or directing pretty much every kind of video you can imagine, from commercial work for global brands (MINI, Sephora, Shure), non-profits (British Council), and agencies  (Wieden+Kennedy).

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Jean Pak is a Learning Experience Designer who takes an uncommon approach to online courses that mashes startup tech space, design thinking and a slowly moving juggernaut of education. With over 10 years of experience in higher education student learning development, assessment, and educational learning theories as well as being self-taught in UX and python coding, she is thrilled to share her experiences about building a teaching business online with others. Aside from learning and business, she enjoys traveling and meeting people everywhere she goes.

Karen Webster, Dating & Relationship Coach

As a serial entrepreneur and coach, Karen has focused her businesses and work around her passion for helping people and solving problems. She believes that possessing an “Attractive” and Conscious mindset is the foundation upon which happy, fulfilling and productive experiences in Life, Dating, Relationships, Career, and Personal Wealth can be built. 



Nefeli Soteriou has over seventeen years experience designing visual art curriculum and teaching adults in various academic settings. The benefits of education evolve around expanding one's skills and knowledge of the subject taught. However, she believes art-making can foster wellness benefits to anyone that practices it, from children to seniors. As a certified creativity coach, Nefeli uses the Humanistic approach, offering verbal sessions and, or, through the programs she designs, in Art for Wellness. Art for wellness fosters a safe environment for self-expression and guided exercises from the fields of filmmaking, screenplay writing, digital photography, mixed media, and design. Artistic skill is not required to participate, but a desire for social inclusion, creative expression and to have fun!

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Naomi Shea is an early adopter of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. She is an active investor and trader and run a family foundation. After attending her first few cryptocurrency meetups she quickly realized they were dominated by men; a ratio of almost 99% men to 1% women. So she decided to volunteer her time to teaching women about this technology and how they might find employment in this field. She is fluent in English, French, and Arabic, and passable in Spanish.